The Difference Between Web Design and Web Hosting

is essential when you want to have a website up and running for everyone to see; but they are very different. And before you hire either, you need to know what each of them does.

A web designer will be responsible for the layout and the design of your entire site. This will include things such as where ads are placed (if you’re having ads at all,) what images you’ll use and where they’ll be placed, and the overall look and feel of your website. A web designer will fully create your website, page by page, and use different templates, text, graphics, and font sizes. Their job will be to create each individual page, yet still make sure that the look of the entire website blends together nicely.

Web hosting on the other hand, is entirely different. Typically, unless otherwise has been stated in the contract, a web host will have nothing to do with the actual creation of the website. Instead, web hosts simply store the content of the site on their servers. There are many different types of web hosting and many different types of web hosts. But in most cases, the web host will own the server on which your website resides and you will pay a monthly or yearly fee in order for their storage services. Without a web host, your website will never be able to be viewed