3 Important Trend to Follow for 2012

The electronic & digital age is here. Websites are no longer only a static pages that look good when you click over to them. It’s important to implement the proper design for the right purpose. Time to get ready for the new style and new look for your website design. Well, you are correct, we’re talking about website trend and not fashion trend! The trend for website design has turn into a popular topic around the blog as well as forum. So at here, we list out some important trends which are able to get audience attention?















Mobile Design
No doubt that mobile design will be 1 of the important trend to follow for 2012. With the increasing popularity of smartphones as well as tablet technology, website designers need to adapt to brand new standards. The display and screen resolutions are different, plus they are unable to support the same extravagances as computers. Rather than creating it separate, CSS3 allows website designers to implement mobile technology into the website design. Icons still need to be colorful and eye-catching; textual content should be readable. A mobile website should keep the design elements of the original, just in a smaller sized and touch screen friendly format. People today will be buying smartphones rather than personal computers. That means that websites should look just as good on a small screen as on a high-definition 21-inch monitor. Not a big surprise here. Mobile search will grow in 2012.

Social Media
Nowadays, social media is becoming a powerful tool to promote your website. In fact, your website might not survive if it’s not be liked, followed, and tweeted about. Therefore, if you don’t have a blog or your website never link to your blog, you might not be considered 1 of the cool little ones. This is the era of connection, links are very powerful nowadays, and therefore your website should be incorporated with social media websites. If you’re not getting yourself known on social networking websites such as Facebo