5 Most Impactful Mobile UX Trends for 2017

Judging by the amount of buzz created by the end of 2016, this year is going to be all about chat-oriented interfaces, artificial intelligence, responsive designs, along with virtual and augmented reality in the mobile app universe. In order to succeed and build apps that are useful and functional, one needs to prepare for new … Read more

How to Forecast Future Trends – 6 Waves + 4 Steps

The “Big Picture” https://www.lamaisonparfaite.com/ https://mctweb.org/ https://kx-hmi.com/ https://www.immoflex.fr/ https://www.lovimo.fr/ https://www.th-plombier-montpellier.com/ https://jaycampbell.com/ To forecast future trends effectively, and with precision, you must step back to see the “big picture” of how current and upcoming trends might evolve over various time intervals, and then assess their trajectory, speed, and interaction. Essentially, you compile a “jigsaw puzzle” of what … Read more

Five Marketing Trends That Your Competition Wants You to Ignore

Marketing is perhaps the primary key to sales and business success, and all successful marketers monitor trends.. Although business success depends upon a total value package of the right quality product or service at the right price with flawless deliver to the customer, it is all for nothing without an effective marketing strategy that connects … Read more

Hottest Technology Trends for 2012

2010 and 2011 were known as the years of the tablets and Smartphones – where the hottest technology trends were those which were dominated by the touch screens. With Apple shinning brighter than any of its counterparts with the iPhone and the iPad, the precedence was set for the rest of the tech companies to … Read more

Use of Two Way Radios While Caring for the Elderly

to figures from the Administration of Aging. In addition, the percentage is expected to increase to 19% by the year 2030. The best way to take care of this section of the population is to remain connected to them while helping them remain safe and independent. The advancement of technology has led to the development … Read more

Run In Procedure for Nitro Radio Control Cars

Without running in the engine and other parts of nitro radio control cars otherwise their life will become much shorter and their performance will suffer. To run a engine in can be done two different ways. Firstly which is the simplest and safest as you are less likely to ruin your clutch by burning it … Read more

iPod Radio – Well Maybe

Apple recently announced the release of the iPod Radio Remote. This little accessory combines a wired remote control with a FM radio receiver. It works with the iPod nano and the most recent generation (fifth) of iPods. The iPod Radio Remote is a convenient way for music lovers to control their iPod and add FM … Read more

Audio Entertainment Advancement – The Online Radio

Web radio, internet radio, e-radio – These are some other terms used to refer to online radio. Online radio is one great innovation of the radio. It is developed so that music enthusiasts can break through the limits of the traditional radio. In addition, it makes use of the Internet just like other modern technologies … Read more

The Latest News on Energy4Green

If you have not heard about Energy4Green, it is the eBook that teaches you how to build your own power systems like power solar and windmills. This product has successfully earned its fame in what it does by helping so many consumers to save cost in utility bills. However, discussing about the benefits of this … Read more

How to Pick Video Games Both Parents and Their Kids Will Love

To hear parents tell it, the perfect video game is educational, provides small life lessons, strengthens hand eye coordination, and keeps the kids entertained for roughly 30 minutes at a time. Listening to kids, however, it appears that educational qualities rank far below the needs for speed, action, rad moves, and great weapons. It is … Read more