Benefits Nail Extensions

harden fully This becomes hard in 15 minutes The time taken to harden this blend is 15 minutes approximately In nearly 15 minutes it gets hardened}. While removing too it takes 15 to 20 minutes. For its removal, any solution, for example acetone, is useful. For brittle nails or nail-biting people, it is very good.

Another type is gel extensions, which are light-processed; they are also called UV-top coat. A gel of polymer and monomer is applied to the nail and then treated with UV rays. ‘No light’ gels are getting increasingly popular as they don’t use the UV rays, but use a brush or spray to treat the gel or simply water. The problem of cracked nails can be helped with it.

One kinder of nail extensions is wrap nails which are made of fiberglass, paper or fiber, such as silk or linen. With the help of glue, they are pasted to the surfaces of the nails. They lack in lasting quality, although they look the most natural.

If you look carefully at these extensions, you will find many plus as well as minus points in them. The acrylic nails are natural-looking and strong too. But they grow with the natural nails and form a gap between them and the cuticle, which is filled sometimes with dirt and fungus which may give rise to serious skin problems. For the prohibitions of such a situation, two processes called as infill treatment and re balancing treatments are often practiced. The first one is based on identification of the problem and plugging of the gap, giving a nice look to the nail. Whereas in the second one, the extensions are refurnished, by taking out the apex and then positioning them correctly. The gel extensions are less durable, though they look natural. In addition, they need a professional for their application, otherwise they may result into cracking of your nails while their removal.

These extensions create a major problem of infection. They are banned by many hospitals for their staff, as they may spread infection amongst the patients. Moreover, an apparently ignorable thing happened with the extensions like their striking with some hard surface, may create grave side-effects like rooting out of the nail. The thing to be understood from all these is, it is necessary to take care while putting on these artificial nails and after that too. You must see an adept professional and a good salon for applying them. And you should maintain your nails by regular cleaning of their underside with soft brush and massage them and the surrounding skin with a cream, so as to promote the cell growth. If you observe this due care, you will face no difficulties with your nail extensions.