Best Places to Meet Women & How to Start a Conversation

Some of the best places to meet women, in my opinion, aren’t what you might expect. You may think that it would be bars or clubs, but I have found that one of the very best places is in fact cafe’s and other everyday places like that.

I think this is because women aren’t expecting to get hit on and picked up when there sitting down to a nice hot cup of coffee. And for this reason, they let their guard. This gives you the opportunity to talk to girls in a relaxed environment and get dates.

So how do we go about approaching women in a cafe. Well I think that you should be as spontaneous as you can be and just ask a question that she’s likely to have an opinion on.

Whatever you do don’t make it look as if your hitting on her!

Just be casual and get a conversation started. So you may say something like, ‘A friend of mine has a girlfriend that he’s been going with for a long time. Just the other day I saw her with another guy at a bar and they were laughing and having a good time. I’m not sure who he was or what was going on, but I can’t get the thought that she might be cheating of him out of my head. Do you think I should talk to him, or confront her? Or perhaps I should just forget about the whole thing?

That’s sure to get you talking. Then you’ll want to pick up on something about her and transition towards a normal conversation. That’s my little technique for talking to girls in cafe’s.

Another one of the best places to meet women is at the public library. If you chill out and begin looking for books, your sure to spot a hot girl (probably a student) looking through the books. This gives you a great opportunity because you now have a great little opener. You can ask her about what she’s looking for and if you discover that it’s her passion you’ll be able to get in to an easy chat about it.

You’d then transition like we did in the first example. By spotting something about her and then beginning to talk about it. Or picking up a keyword within the conversation and talking about that.