Build eBay Profits with a Powerful Category Strategy

Sometimes it’s tough to tell where your buyers are. You’re not sure which category is the best place to list your item.

Not everyone has the benefit of an item to auction with a perfect eBay category waiting such as “Barbie Contemporary.”

Here’s a simple research process you can use to increase your chances of success. Search for similar items and see what categories they’re in. If they’re scattered across a few different categories,Guest Posting look for the categories where bids are being made. Bids matter, listings don’t. Just keep in mind that the bids could be the result of other factors such as price, desirability and condition. Also, look at the performance of the seller. If she’s a power seller she probably has an understanding of which categories work best for her auctions.

But what if your item doesn’t seem to fit anywhere? What if nobody else is auctioning something similar? Get to know eBay’s “Everything Else” category. Is there a fit for your item in “Gifts and Occasions” or one of the three subcategories in “Weird Stuff?”

These areas get high levels of traffic. Specifically there are a lot of browsers and your item may catch some attention here.

The “Slightly Unusual” category typically delivers more traffic than the