Buy Yourself Some Football

Portion of adrenalin quickened our imagination many a time. We strained our voices on stands, rooted for our favorite teams in front of TV impetuously, and were so surprised, why our palms ached so much after a football match. It’s because we just love football. And cannot imagine our life without our favorite team. We’re fans and there’re more than 3 billions of us all over the world, and it’s the biggest association of people in the world. Fans all over the world understand each other greatly, regardless of language diffirence. As all of us are united by one strong feeling, one passion – His Majesty FOOTBALL.

Undoubtedly, all modern fans are dreaming of touching their idols’ life although slightly. We wear favorite colors of our teams, T-shirts with names of players, even change our appearance to look like football stars.


On August 23, 2002 clipping service of Yokohama stadium, Japan, informed that pieces of football field, where World Cup final between Brazil and Germany took place, would be displayed for sale. This idea was born due to tourists, who had a great wish to take a piece of football history with themselves in the form of souvenir, while leaving the stadium. The whole of grass-plot was divided into 30 thousands of fragments and sold in a stadium’s gift shop. One piece of football history, packed in acrylic container, costed $20. Flow of fans, wishing to buy some “football” for themselves, was so big, that organizers decided to sell no more than three original football souvenirs to one person.

Sale of Olympic stadium lawn – is not the first case, when place of football battles is sold in retail. In 2005 a Brazilian company “ArteRio” also sold pieces of legendary Brazilian stadium “Marakana”, where legends of world football – Pele, Garrincha, Ziko and Romario – played in different years.

World Cup 2006 in Germany is no exception from this tradition. It was finished just recently, but very soon already fans will have an opportunity to buy grass from a football field, where World Cup took place. It is planned to sell out the whole of stadium’s surface in 30 x 20 cm pieces in a special packing, which allows keeping this World Cup 2006 souvenirfor a long time. Each piece will have a “quality certificate”, confirming its originality. It is also supposed, that later a happy holder of grass with traces of famous footballers will put this relic, say, in his garden, and then a gardener-fan will have his own “World Cup 2006 corner”.