Do FIDIC rule apply in construction contracts in UAE?

Almost post two decades,Guest Posting FIDIC committee has released the second edition of three principal contracts that are Red, Yellow and Silver book. The amendments in these contracts are the recent topics of construction industry. The Construction Lawyers in Dubai have written this article to enlighten the readers about a few notable changes in the FIDIC current edition. The rationale behind the rigorous amendment in the rainbow suit is to meet the demands of the users and the industry, considering the rapid change in the technology

One can witness considerable revisions in the yellow, silver and red book. The extensive nature of these contracts is due to detailed provisions regarding contract administrations rather than just superficial change. One should carefully read each clause of the concerned book considering the length of the provision it may invite unnecessary misinterpretations. Some of the notable changes in the FIDIC rules are outlined below:

1. Notice

A clear heading stating “Notice” and the subject for issuing such notice shall be highlighted, whenever a party issues a notice, concerning the new amendment. The intention behind this amendment is to reduce the disputes in relation to notices issued by parties where parties argue about the recommendations in the progress