Getting Started in Your Own Health Fitness Program

The keyword in any fitness program is activity. Activity would indicate being active. But just what is being active? Active according to Webster is “acting, working, causing motion or change, lively, agile”. “Couch Potato” does not fit this description.

Lively and agile brings to mind just what an exercise program should be. Even starting out at a slow pace can sometimes be lively for those of us that are a little or a lot out of shape. It is amazing how quickly one can lose the ability to exert any energy. We lose endurance so quickly. Have you tried to start a walking program, gotten a block or two down the road and said, “This is too much…I can not do it” and given up? Never give up! One or two blocks are a start. You may even have to start out with half a block and build up from there.

The key elements for any fitness program should include:

  • MOVEMENT Movement is the first and foremost part of any exercise program. Be it stretching or just walking to the mailbox, YOU NEED MOVEMENT. However, we would encourage you to do more movement than this to keep in good health. For ideal movement you could build a program around stretching, walking, running, bicycling, swimming, rowing, hiking, golfing, bowling, tennis or whatever you like. When you are drying off after a shower or bath do the twist! Any movement will be a start. YOU NEED MOVEMENT
  • STRETCHING When we get up in the morning we feel like stretching. This gets the blood flowing. Take a little time to stretch out all of your limbs. If you are in the shower in the morning take a minute to do some wall push-ups and leg stretches. Stretching warms up your muscles and helps avoid injuries to your mu