Graphite Stocks – General Overview of Graphite and How to Choose a Good Company

Graphite is classified as a semi metal. It can be referred to as black led for its dark soft look and texture. Graphite is formed in metamorphic rock by heat and pressure while other types of rock like igneous rock are formed by volcanoes and meteorites hitting the earth. Battery grade graphite consists of hexagonally shaped crystalline flakes which are flat. The graphite used in pencils occurs as veins in rock formations that resemble a coal mine for the large quantity of graphite that is extracted from these type of deposits. Unfortunately they are no good for batteries and neither are amorphous graphite deposits. This should all be considered when looking to invest in this market. Which ones will win the energy industries votes, and which graphite deposits will be needed if their is ever a shortage of pencils?

The steel industry adds graphite to molten metal to increase its carbon content which makes it more heat resistant and is readily used in crucibles. Since graphite is a semi metal, its mixes well with most types of molten metal. Graphite also us used as a lubricant in different types of manufacturing processes. When solvent is absorbed into the graphite’s sandwiched layers they slide back and forward giving a lubricating affect.

Graphene is a part of graphite. Its a densely packed carbon formed into extremely thin yet supremely strong sheets, has made investing in graphite & graphene an even more attractive.

Investing In Graphite