Jumeirah Beach Hotels – Exclusive and Luxurious

Jumeirah beach is home to many of Dubai’s best hotels, which are very well renowned in the world. Moreover, the area is heavily populated coastal residential area of Dubai, UAE. Jumeirah Beach is in fact not one beach but a vast long strip of sand with bath temperature waters of the Arabian Gulf. Over the time the public beach has been officially become the private preserve of the ever-increasing series of beachside luxury Jumeirah Beach Hotels Dubai, but this does not stop people to from roaming around where they feel like. To experience the famous beach Dubai hotels Jumeirah beach are ideally located with excellent facilities. The long stretch of public beach offers a beautiful setting, with its clean white sand, crystal clear seawater and bath-temperature surf.







On of the most exclusive parts of Dubai Jumeirah Beach has resulted in using the Jumeirah name as a brand which denotes exclusivity. This area of Dubai is very popular for its exclusive and large properties as well as many modest town houses built in a variety of architectural styles. The area has become home to a majority of European and Western emigrants working in the oil and real estate industry. Even tourists visiting Dubai, make it a point to visit Jumeirah Beach and with the government of Dubai coming up with numerous modern hotels such as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the world famous Burj Al Arab and a host of attractions has certainly made it a destination for tourists. As the history goes, the Arabs living in the Jumeirah area were fishermen, pearl divers and traders, but the Jumeirah area became the focus for the western expatriate residences, and today the area is undergoing a huge growth in housing developments.