Know Something More About Vehicle Maintenance

not handled properly, it can cause havoc not only to the well-being of the car but also to its owner, in addition to leaving him or her down by a few thousands.

Vehicle Maintenance generally describes the inspection and testing of car condition and subsystems, which means everything under the hood of the car, including repairs and servicing. Regular vehicle maintenance is absolutely essential for ensuring the following critical factors:

• comfort,

• drivability,

• longevity,

• reliability and

• safety.

As part of vehicle maintenance, several parts may be replaced in accordance with ‘wear and tear’ conditions to avoid further damage as well as for safety reasons.
The scheduling of vehicle maintenance checks depends largely on the model and make of car, year of manufacture, mileage driven, driving conditions and last but not least, driver behavior. Why, it may be asked. A majority of drivers drive rashly treating their vehicles in a negligent manner resulting in faster wear and tear that could cause serious accidents and disability. While sedans and small-sized cars may not be called on for period vehicle maintenance if they are used and maintained in regular condition by the owner, others like SUVs and CUVs for example may be recomm