Natural Beauty Tips: Homemade Facials

With the economy the way it is today, many people are looking for shortcuts when it comes to their skin care routines. Homemade facials can definitely save you both time and money. One of the benefits of homemade facials is that they are naturally better for your skin than the chemical-filled facial preparations that are available in stores.

Making your own facial is easy to do – you’ll just need to have some all-natural ingredients on hand. These ingredients are all easy to find and inexpensive to purchase at grocery stores. Facials are rejuvenating, so if you regularly have these ingredients in your home, then you may wish to give yourself a homemade facial once a week.

Before applying a homemade facial scrub, take off all of your jewelry in

cluding your earrings, because some natural substances do not react well with metal jewelry. Smooth all of your hair back from your face by using a headband. You may want to use an old bandanna if you’re worried about a headband getting soiled from the facial scrub. Wash your face with your normal cleanser to remove all traces of makeup, and be sure that when applying your facial mask, you follow all of the instructions exactly. You may want to set a timer so that you know when to remove the facial scrub from your skin..

Here are some great facial recipes for you to try at home.

Milk and Cinnamon Facial: This facial consists of four ingredients that you may already have in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet. In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of milk, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of honey, and one teaspo