Post Your Press Release – Free

The Internet has become a global bazaar with everyone hawking their wares. Freebies are shrinking as we discover more ways to part with our dollars. As author of the 2003 guidebook,Guest Posting Long Island Alive, I was heartened to discover that accepts press releases when the information pertains to Long Island. Shortly after posting a press release about the publication of my book, a Long Island radio station called me for an interview.

It should always be that easy! What if you’re a local business in New Jersey or Iowa who wants to get the word out about a new product featured on your website? In searching for sites that offer free postings of press releases, I came across a piece by Marcia Yudkin, a contributing author at, which lists nine such sites. However, e-zine articles often lack datelines and can languish at a site for years, so I decided to investigate.

Of the five extant sites, I found among the best. One hopes PR Web will continue to offer free press release distribution. It’s an easy site to navigate and vi