PSD to Joomla

With the emergence of a new content management system on August 17, 2005, Joomla has achieved many highs since then. The first version of Joomla was released in September 16, 2005, which was in-fact a rebranded release of Mambo, and the latest being the release of an alpha 3.0 version. Some of the features of Joomla over the years are:


  • PHP based using object-oriented programming techniques
  • Cross platform compatible
  • Page caching and RSS feeds
  • Printable versions of the pages can be generated
  • Supports language internationalization
  • Blogs, polls and search features


Apart from these features, Joomla offers user management and admin management functionalities as well.

In-order to have a fully functional Joomla website, the first step is always the layout. It decides how clean and attractive the look of website is. Photoshop helps to achieve this quite easily. But it can out emulate the functionalities of the website, for which Joomla CMS is a prerequisite. Added to that, directly uploading the large PSD files to the server is a time taking process and not viable. Due to this reason such a conversion is the need of the hour.

Although this conversion sounds relatively easy to achieve, but many other considerations are also to be kept in the mind. Search engine optimisation of pages and cross browser compatibility are some of the important points that has to be ensured while coding. So an expertise support is required.

There are a number of service providers across the internet, but choosing the right one to avail services from is the crucial factor while considering. There are web development and web design company, who have been into this trade for a long time now and have successfully handled a number of projects of clients simultaneously, much to their satisfaction. They have their own expert team of professionals who would like to assist you in converting your PSD into Joomla template. Some of the highlights of services offered are:


  • Cross browser compatible Joomla themes and templates