Run In Procedure for Nitro Radio Control Cars

Without running in the engine and other parts of nitro radio control cars otherwise their life will become much shorter and their performance will suffer.

To run a engine in can be done two different ways. Firstly which is the simplest and safest as you are less likely to ruin your clutch by burning it out if it does not goto plan. On the second which will, if done properly will make the engine last longer but is more complicated.

So take your Nitro Car and make sure the wheels work OK by moving it back and forward, then place on something so that the wheels do not touch the ground such as a brick and complete the starting produre which you will find on the website. Make sure the fuel you use is not a cheap fuel but a decent one with a mix of around 10-20%. For best performance as with normal cars, try to break the car in with the same fuel you will be using each time you use your nitro car. You need a smooth hard surface and for radion controlled boats smooth clam water. Avoid if you can making the engine to hot or on very warm days. The car at idle should not be to high or the clutch may burn out or the con rod may snap. Lastly, make sure the breaks are not on.

When breaking in nitro cars, it is best without the body shell attached due to the fact that the air flow will keep the engine cool so the more airflow the better. You may notice the engine to drink a lot of fuel when first breaking in which is perfectly normal. The fuel is being used in a richer quantity and does wonders to assist in the parts finding their natural place and also to flush out the engine.

After a break in the glow plug may become dirt ridden so a spare before you use the car as normal is good to have as the first one may become than dirty. Always have a few in the garage, you won’t go far wrong having a few spare plugs.

Break In Method One.

The car is on and at idle so now put it on the ground and with a slow speed, drive it around on a flat surface. On the first run, don’t keep the engine on for more than three minutes and keep the periods short until the car has drunk 2-3 tanks of nitro fuel.

Break In Method Two

Do the same as method one but when the engine has started and is sitting