SMBs Keen on Adopting New Technology

Small businesses are considered to play an important role in the growth of the U.S. economy. However, usage of new and advanced technologies stands as a major challenge for many SMBs. With the increased awareness and rapid growth in technology, many SMBs today are keen to adopt new technologies. According to the CompTIA’s Second Annual SMB Technology Adoption Trends study, about 80% of the SMBs are interested to focus on use of new technological solutions.

The adoption of information and communications technology (ICT) is considered to be a key factor for increasing the productivity growth of small and medium enterprises. Adoption of computer networks and use of the Internet helps in enhancing the businesses. Some SMBs are using ICT technology with Internet in order to facilitate the commercial activities. It can also be used for promoting the products and services online.

A positive impact of ICT adoption is seen specifically on the Internet business solutions, growth of revenues and reduction of administrative costs. An OECD research reveals that for every 10 percent increase in number of staff using computers, 1.3 percent of increase of productivity is observed.

The CompTIA’s report revealed that 71% of the businesses having 19-499 employees are interested to make investments in new technologies only if fair return on investment is guaranteed. Some of the IT solutions that SMBs are interested to include them in the business are given here.

Virtualization – The study revealed that 37% of the respondents are favored to adopt sever virtualization in the next 12 months. Virtualization is nothing but the creation of a virtual version of something such as a hardware platform, operating system, network resources or a storage device. The main purpose of virtualization is to help in centra