Thailand Vacations and Its Best

In the area of the island can be compared with Singapore. On the island there are beautiful beaches,Guest Posting stretching along the coastline of 40 kilometers. The island is 900 kilometers from the capital Bangkok and the hundred meter bridge connects the mainland. The island province is one of the wealthiest in Thailand, and the number of inhabitants (1.6 million) took 6 th place. Previously, the main income of the island is the mining of tin, this fact attracted the colonists (the Portuguese and British). Also on the island came to workers from Malaysia and China, which has affected the culture and gave a special flavor of this island. Also on the island is and the Muslim community, to which is about one-third of all inhabitants of the island, mainly Malaysian Muslims.

Komodo Island diving
Scuba diving in Komodo
Scuba diving Komodo
diving Komodo
Komodo Island Scuba diving
Scuba diving Komodo Island

Tourist infrastructure Phuket is very well developed, there is everything from hotels of any class and to the airport, allowing easy access to the island from Bangkok.

Phuket Island – a paradise, with unusual nature: beautiful beaches, hills and verdant jungle. For diving this place is ideal, with its underwater cliffs and diverse flora and fauna. In addition, you can do water skiing, sailing and parasailing to do. Aquarium, the National Park and beautiful Buddhist temples attract many tourists to the island. In addition, the island has five golf clubs, shops and large shopping centers, as well as antique shops and flea markets.

The island is an excellent place for those who want to explore the Andam