The Best Option For Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Free Reverse Lookup Vs Paid Reverse Lookup

It is no longer news that you can determine the identity of a caller by conducting a reverse phone lookup on his phone number, the subject of internet controversy is the availability of free reverse lookup and the necessity of paid reverse lookup.

Let us put this to rest once and for all.

Free Reverse Lookup

I honestly used to think free lookup was really available for all phones- mobile and landlines until I recently discovered otherwise.


Free lookup is impossible for cell phone numbers because cell phone directories are not available to the public, and they usually cost a fee to access, so free cell phone lookup is nonexistent.

However free reverse lookup is possible for landlines as the database for land line numbers differs from that of cell phones.


The major problem with free lookup even for landlines is reliability. Most free phone lookup sites are not reliable, they could present within accurate results which could result in waste of time and resources.

Most so called “free reverse phone lookup sites” also have some hidden charges which may cost you more than you bargained for.

Paid Reverse Lookup


Paid lookup is possible for both cell phones and landlines. Because they charge a fee, they run their services as a real business valuing customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Reliable paid cell phone lookup sites have a “no hit, no charge” rule. This means you will not be charged any money if for any reason they can not come up with accurate results for your cell phone number search.