The Must have arsenal of the digital photographer.

photographers must have a complete range of adequate image cataloguing software,Guest Posting this includes digital camera downloader and import software to automate the image import process, a photo organizer, or a photo gallery/ album software with detailed image database capabilities and editing software for taking care of simple but necessary image enhancements or for the more adventurous, complete digital manipulation.

Below are the top software programs no serious digital photographer should be without.

– RoboImport – A very affordable digital camera downloader that automates the workflow required when downloading your photographs from your memory card reader or digital camera. RoboImport will Import your photographs and rename your photos with appropriate descriptive names into a specially designated folder to be easily located when needing to access them latter. RoboImport will do much more than less respected image management program by performing some of the more tedious but necessary digital image editing tasks without the usual fuss. It is not expected that digital image importing software should rename your photos, RoboImport does this and more. Roboimport fills in IPTC data required for professional photographers in a language that is recognized by appropriate editing or archiving programs. RoboImport will auto correct resolution issues, incredibly it will set your images to 300 DPI (dots per inch) for expected printing quality, as many less advanced cameras only shoot in a poor 72 DPI, 300 DPI is absolutely necessary for any photographer who will be wanting to print their photographic treasures to share away from their computer. RoboImport will also protect your photos from accidental deletion by allowing you to set your images to read only.