The Truth about Online Content: It’s Time for Writers to Take Back the Web,Guest Posting one of the web’s hottest search engines, has indexed over 1,346,966,000 web pages to date. The World Wide Web is officially gigantic, with hundreds of thousands of corporate, small business, and ecommerce websites vying for something more than just the “eyeballs” that web analysts hailed in the 1990’s. In order to create success, websites are now searching for a steady, interactive audience. Why aren’t they succeeding? Could it STILL have something to do with the content?Understanding

The Content BuzzAbout a year ago, the entire web was filled with a few wonderfully hip,fatally cool clich├ęs; “Content is King,” “Your Website Needs Stickiness,” “CRM is key!” and new resources, allegedly customer-oriented, began to explode across the internet. Syndicated web content became a cool way to get free words to fill up space on a website. Soon, companies such as began create a content overlap. Website competition may be presenting the exact same news feed at the exact same time, with the exact same keyword-rich content! Once again, the web industry began buzzing, “Learn How to Create Unique Content for Your Website!” The HTML Writer’s Guild began offering classes in “Advanced Web Writing”, EEI Communications began offering corporate training courses in “Writing for the Web and New Media”, and universities across the country added web writing to their technology-driven and webmaster-centered curriculum. Once trained, web design companies began touting their new “writing skills”, offering a one-stop-solution to their new website customers.The Buzzkil