Top Anti-Virus Software

When consulting the Global Virus Map at, you’ll find that the majority of English-speaking countries (plus Europe, Brazil and Saudi Arabia) are at elevated threat levels for virus attacks. As McAfee specializes in anti-virus software, this may seem to be a ploy to scare the uninformed public into purchasing their software. However, anyone with a PC and a little bit of electronic sense will admit to their computer virus woes. Viruses can attach themselves to websites, files, or e-mails, and are impossible to detect by the use

A virus can exist for multiple reasons: to either be an annoyance to the user, or to inflict damage to the user or computer by stealing password links, downloading malware, connecting at random to unprotected networks, or deleting properties of anti-virus software, thereby rendering it ineffective, allowing for the entry of even more viruses.

Viruses are rarely discovered by the user – it typically takes the assistance of anti-virus software to uncover their existence. Top anti-virus software includes Norton Utilities, Kaspersky, and McAfee, while AVG offers respectable free software perfect for those seeking virus protection on a tight budget.


McAfee AntiVirus Plus: McAfee’s basic package, but said to be 99.9% effective, utilizing Active Protection technology to analyze and protect against the latest viruses without prompting the user to update the software on a daily basis.

McAfee Internet Security: Provides advanced parent controls and expands McAfee’s protection services to e-mail, automatically detecting and deleting spam.

McAfee Total Protection: Secures valuable files and provides defense for home networks. Users will also be made aware of potentially dangerous websites with the addition of the SiteAdvisor Plus software.

For Mac: Although viruses on Macs are less common, they can exist. McAfee has a line of anti-virus software designed